What's On The Needles - Week of 3/8/16

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Idle hands are the devil's playground, right?  Well, if that's the case we have nothing to worry about here.  We each have so many projects going that we have to make sure each one gets equal time so nothing gets left in the UFO pile.  So...what's on the needles this week, you ask?


Temperature Blanket - I've been very good about keeping up to date on this one.  However, right now I'm a day or two behind because (YEA!) I need to get yellow yarn for this warm weather we are having.  Time, and money, have been tight this week.  Hopefully we will make it to Joann's or Michael's soon.  This blanket is going to be HUGE.  The picture shows Jan 1st - March 8th, there is still a good 9.5 months to go.

Alice Starmore Shawl - This is going to be gorgeous if I ever get it done.  There are so many panels to the pattern that I really have to be paying attention (i.e., awake) when I'm knitting this.  Maybe it will be ready for Fall 2016?

Granny Squares - I just learned how to crochet granny squares so as with everything new, I want to do nothing but sit and crochet granny squares.  Instead I allow myself one per night, if possible.  It's a great way to use those small balls of yarn you have no use for and it's going to make quite the eclectic blanket when I am done.


Temperature Blanket - Just a few days behind on this one. Monday night she ran out of blue yarn mid row. Also, she is going to need her next color to reflect these 75 degree days we've been having. Joann's and Michaels, here we come.  Mary Beth is using must thinner yarn than Helen which is why her blanket looks so much smaller.  She won't need a wagon to cart hers around come August.

Alice Starmore Blanket Shawl - Like Helen's shawl this pattern is very detailed and needs full attention when knitting.  Just look at all those cables! and Mary Beth hates cabling.  

Harry Potter Blanket Squares - We are holding our very first Beginner's Knitting Class at The Toad on March 20th and we will be teaching how to make a simple pot holder/dish cloth.  This Harry Potter square will be the prototype to show our students as an example of a finished product.  Then it will be used, with other Harry Potter Squares, as part of larger blanket made up of different Harry Potter squares AND it qualifies for the Harry Potter KAL we are attempting to join.

And finally our Scrapbuster Quilts!

We are both dying to make a quilt and we figured the easiest way was to just take our scraps, cut them into squares and make up a bunch of nine squares.  Well our first stash of cut fabric got ruined in the great burst pipe flood.  About two weeks ago, I cut these 4" and 2" squares and we just haven't had the time to sew any of them together.  Hopefully next week we can show some progress!

What are you working on this week?


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