Our New Obsession

Our New Obsession

We, here at The Toad, have a new obsession - Knitting Podcasts!  We discovered our first through our yarn obsession on Instagram.  Now, we just want to set up a tv on the wall at the shop and have knitting podcasts running 24/7.  Does anyone have a spare flat screen? :)

The first three podcasts we are currently immersed in are:

Yarngasm - a weekly video podcast about knitting, spinning, and hand-dyeing in Brooklyn

Grocery Girls - hosted by Jodi & Tracie, a couple of knitting obsessed sisters (hmm, notice any similarities here?) that love to talk about all things YARN!

Inside Number 23 - A British podcast from Katie, where she shares everything she has been knitting or sewing and anything else she finds and loves along the way.

It's getting very difficult to do our jobs because all we want to do is knit all the projects they are working on and BUY ALL THE YARN.  On a side note, we can't wait to cast on our first pair of socks!  We are about to become very active on Ravelry. We are helenhg69 and marybeth494 on Ravelry - feel free to friend us!

Do you have any podcasts, knitting or otherwise, to recommend?

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