It's Mountain Day!

Mary Beth and I both went to Smith College in Northampton, MA and one of the best customs is Mountain Day.  

A Smith tradition since 1877, Mountain Day is a surprise break from classes. The president chooses a beautiful fall day and announces the holiday by ringing the college bells. A picnic lunch can be provided by the college to be carried to the students' various outdoor activities on campus or to nearby parks.

Don't you think, as adults, we should be given one Mountain Day of our choosing each year?  A day where you can just call in to work or school or life and say "Today is Mountain Day! I'm off to look at the Fall foliage!".   Don't be surprised if one day soon, there is a note on the door of the store and a post on Facebook/Instagram, etc. that it's Mountain Day! and we are off on a Fall adventure.  What would you do with your own Mountain Day?


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