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Sooo .... have you met Clive?

Those who have been with us since our Fragile Earth Stuffed Animal days may remember our mascot Clive. Clive is a Cordy Roy Aardvark from Jellycat and he has traveled many places with us. 

Clive at the Theater

He loves the theater!!

Clive at the Javit's Center

And he's always a hit at the Javit's Center for the New York Now (gift show).

We decided that our social media posts were missing a little pizzazz and checked to see if Clive were free to pick up his mascot duties again.

He had a few demands - 

  • that it wouldn't interfere with his night job

Tell your friends about me - I'm Batman!

  • that we would feed him


  • and that we wouldn't question his sartorial choices

A vision in green

Are the fish biting?

I think we can live with that! 

Elvis wig

Ok, I'm going to have to rethink that last one!


Welcome back Clive - we missed you buddy!

Knitted hat

So keep your eyes peeled - you might be seeing Clive around town, and around the internet! And if it looks like he's making bad hair decisions, please let us know!

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