Temperature Blankets

At a class recently, people started talking about everything except the topic at hand, as they are want to do. One of our friends described a project she was planning out for a temperature blanket. The idea is you knit a row (or crochet a block) for each day of the year in colors corresponding to the temperature of that day. Since you can't have a different color for every temperature degree, you map out blocks and match them to colors. For instance, anything in the 20's will be one color, the 30's will be another color, and so on up, and down, the scale.

Of course, we got really excited about this and decided we needed to start one immediately!!  The next day we blocked out our colors, found the yarn, and got going. 

MB temperature blanket 1-27-16

As you can see, we've had blocks of similar temperatures here in NJ - with the occasional warmer day thrown in. 

HH temperature blanket 1-27-16

Helen is adding giant cables to her blanket which add texture to the project.

Since we are knitting, each blanket will have at least 365 rows. When we finish, at the end of December, we will have a lovely, cozy blanket to keep us warm through the rest of the winter!

The rest of the rainbow will be included as we get to warmer days. What colors would you choose for your blanket?

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Going to start a temperature blanket for 2017. Love your colors. How did you choose your pattern & needle size? I’ve been looking all over the internet at all the different blankets but really really like yours.


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