Tips for Small Business Owners: Be Prepared for Anything

Since it's Monday (the store is closed on Mondays) and snowing, we decided to work from home today. We had brought our laptops with us to get a few things done last night, but we didn't have the power cords. So we made a quick, in & out trip to the store to grab them, not even bothering to change out of our "at home only" clothes. Translation - please god, don't let me see anyone I know!

When I ran in, I noticed that one of the plastic lenses of the light had come down. Upon further investigation, I saw that several of the tiles around the light had also come down, which is never a good thing.

As a matter of fact, there were quite a few tiles that were water damaged and another light, across the room, had lost its plastic lens as well.

It would seem that a water pipe burst last night and poured into our store. It landed on our sewing table, drenching the piles of fabric that were cut and ready to be sewn.

Both our machines got hit - 

mine will turn on and sew but we have to let Helen's dry out. Right now, it's just seizing up. 

Both the Silhouette cutting machines were in pools of water and we are hoping that once they dry, they will be okay. THANK GOD we brought home our computers because both our desks were completely soaked and anything on them just went into the garbage. The ironing board and the iron are lost causes and, almost worst of all, Drusilla's dog bed under the desk is a goner.


We lost almost no merchandise. Anything that got hit was fabric (headbands, scrunchies, towels) we make ourselves so we can replace it all. Our stash of fabric on the back wall was spared as well. Only the middle room got hit so anything in the front and back rooms is safe and dry.


Within moments of posting on Facebook about how frustrated she was, Helen started getting offers of equipment and help from people in the neighborhood. We love being a part of Keyport and the support you get from a small town community. You are all awesome and we appreciate it so very very much!


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