Quilting 102

We had our second quilting class this past Sunday. Once again, master quilter Nancy Carew led us through the steps.

This time, she showed us how to overlay fabric on a square to make curved lines without having to actually cut curved lines. It was fascinating! 

First, we chose squares to make either a 4 block or a 9 block. It is not easy getting just the right combination of colors together! Then, we took contrasting color squares, folded them in half into triangles, and laid them out on top of some of our squares.

The next step was to sew everything together, making sure we caught the edges of the triangles in the seams of the squares.

A few students brought their sewing machines, but in the end, we all opted to sew by hand.

Seeing what others are doing inspires you to try new things!

When we finished sewing the squares together, we could fold back part of the triangle overlay and tack it into place to make a new shape.

We have some very serious sewers here!

Next month, we are tackling appliques. You don't need the first two classes to join us and it's a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon! 



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