Cookie Season Has Begun

We have gone through several iterations of Cookie Makers. Our first year as retail store owners, we gave out cookies as Christmas gifts to other businesses in the area and we always had fresh cookies out on the weekends from Small Business Saturday through New Years. One year, Helen tried her hand at Cookie Maven, making iced cookies that she sold. I believe that was the H&J Cookie Company.Then it died down a bit, to just making sure we had fresh Chocolate Chip Cookies for Christmas Day snacking.

This year, in the time of all the holidays that aren't happening or are drastically changed, is the perfect time to bring back the Cookie Empire. Not for selling but for giving. So we went through our cookie books and magazines and made a list of 27 different cookies we'd like to try making. I highly doubt we'll get them all done this year (Oh look, next bright shiny idea) but it's a starting point.

Yesterday, we pulled out all the ingredients, cleared off all the counters, and got down to business. First up ... Ginger snaps. They were good but not what I remembered as the Best Ginger Cookie Ever! They are too small and crunchy and I wanted big and chewy so my rating - 2 sticks of butter.

ginger snaps from cookie day toad hollow

Next on the list were Blueberry Lemon Drops. These get the full 5 sticks of butter, in my opinion - they are so darn good!! The icing needs help but I'm working on it. By the end - who knows? I may be as good as those on Holiday Cookie Challenge, flooding and piping and what not! The recipe is from the 2013 Better Homes & Garden 100 Best Cookie magazine and, full disclosure, I've eaten two of them since starting this blog post.

blueberry lemon drops cookie day toad hollow

blueberry lemon drop recipe

 We also have Chocolate Drop Cookies and Roll-out Cookies in the fridge cooling for later. Our work is cut out for us!

Cookies, tea, a Christmas Movie and my knitting? Day set!

Until next time,

Mary Beth

December 11, 2020 — Helen H Graham

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