Fall is Just Around the Corner
As Country Living Magazine reminded us, Fall is just 60 days away. It's almost here! Which is a ridiculous thing to think at the end of July .... unless you are in retail. Then, time gets skewed where holidays and seasons are concerned. You start buying for Christmas no later than August and probably much earlier (like April - yeah, try wrapping your head around that!)
When we closed our store, we thought we left that way of thinking behind. But we've realized that even with yarn, you plan ahead. Knitters want their Halloween and Christmas socks DONE by the holiday so they have to start much earlier. And if you want to catch their eye with your yarn, it's got to be in front of them at least 2-3 months before the season.
This is a round about way of telling you we've started dyeing our Fall Colors for the upcoming shows. Some of those colors are 
We've also paired them with another skein should you want to do a new shawl, maybe the Rippled Sand by Isabel Kraemer?
Or possibly the Gardengate Sweater by Jennifer Steingass?
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July 27, 2019 — Helen Graham

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