February’s Book Club - The Bromance Book Club by Lyssa Kay Adams
Well, it’s been a hot minute since we were in here talking about our book club. Have you all finished The Bromance Book Club yet? We will be discussing it in our weekly book video next week and we thought we’d open the questions we’ll be answering to you as well. We’ll look at your answers before we film on this Thursday and incorporate them into the podcast.

So, if you’ve read the book, please leave your answers to any/all of the following questions in the comments.

1. How could Gavin have reacted better to finding out that Thea has been faking pleasure for most of their marriage? Do you think Thea would still have asked for a divorce if he had reacted less negatively from the start?
2. In what ways to you think this book challenges gender roles and toxic masculinity? And how can we as a society confront these stereotypical roles?
3. Throughout the book, Thea questions her identity. She’s a mom, a wife, a sister, a daughter, but who is she really? What happened to the artist she once was? Is it possible to be both Thea and Mom?
4. How did the excerpts from Courting the Countess parallel Gavin & Thea’s experiences?
5. What did you think of the marriage and relationship advice the guys gave Gavin?
6. How did you feel about Thea’s reaction once she found out Gavin was using Lord Benedict’s words to woo her?
7. Why is Rachael such a mean girl, especially towards Thea?
8. Since Liv clashes with Gavin at every turn, why do you think she is the one to call him and let him know where Thea is at the end?

Also, let us know - did you like the book?

March’s book is The Lies of Lock Lamora by Scott Lynch. Come join us!
February 24, 2020 — Helen H Graham

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