How We Pick Colors for a Project

How We Pick Colors for a Project

Very often, customers come to our booth with a specific project in mind but not sure which colors to use. They ask for help and want to know how we know which colors go together. I'd love to say that I'm an expert and have trained extensively but that's just not true.

I pick colors that I like together. I lay them side by side and see if I'm happy with the way they are "playing together" and go from there.

It's easy when colors are created in a collection - like our Princess Bride yarns - which were created with the same tonality, the same depth of color because they were always meant to go together. 

Navelli Sweater by Caitlin Hunter

Navelli Sweater by Caitlin Hunter

colors shown ROUS, I’m Not Really Left Handed & Mawwiage

Some colors just naturally go together like pink and grey

The Brunswick Tee by Marie Greene
colors shown Standing Stones & Neopolitan

 or Autumn colors

colors shown Mr Carrisford & Falling Leaves

If the colors show up together in nature, it's a good bet they will look beautiful in yarn. 

For a POP, take a very colorful yarn and pair it with a solid skein that is one of the colors used in the yarn

colors used Witches Brew and Terrific

or with a solid that naturally goes with the colors 

colors used The Circus Only Comes at Night & Halloween Bonfire

How do you pick your colors? And what’s your favorite colorwork sweater so far?

Mary Beth

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