New Needles

New Needles

When we were at Stitches Midwest, we both started a new project. Not because we finished everything we brought with us (although, I did finish my socks) but because - hey, why not! Needing needles was not an issue since, luckily, we were at a yarn festival 😄 and I grabbed 2 sets of Knitters Pride Smart Stix circular needles (invented by Jimmy Beans Wool). 


It wasn’t my plan to try new needles, mainly because I didn’t know they existed, but the booth didn’t carry Chaogoo’s. I’m very glad I did, though, because these needles are cool. They are marked in 1” increments so you can measure your work .... with your needles! 


Apart from the novelty of them, I also like knitting with them. The cord is plastic but very flexible and that is also marked at inch intervals. The needles themselves are brushed metal (my material of choice) and it’s a good join (where the needle meets the cord) which is helpful for me since I’m a tight knitter. All in all, it’s a very smooth knit. I’ll be looking for more of these in the circular needles since really, can you ever have enough? The answer is no, you can’t! 🤣😂

What’s your favorite needle?

Mary Beth

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I love ChiaoGoo needles, mainly because of the cords…but I also love Addi Turbo Rockets because of the finish on the needle. I also use Knitters Pride Dreams circulars as my second needle circular (instead of using the dreaded DPN)for when the pattern decreases to small to continue with one circular.

Debra Kraus

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