Sister’s Craft Weekend part deux

Amanda (sister #3) came down this past weekend and we had a marvelous time shopping and making new journals. 

There were definitely hi-jinx in the local Michaels Craft Store.

We bought so many pads of  paper and crafting supplies - we won’t mention the fabric because that was obscene. But it’s for the business, so that makes it okay😁

Amanda worked on a Fairy journal


Helen worked on a Halloween journal using some Alice in Wonderland Halloween paper we got.

I fell in love with this Secret Garden paper and decided to make a recipe book out of it. I’ve started - I’m now making the signatures (the groups of pages that go inside) and will start filling them soon.

There was time for knitting and stitching too. We even managed to get a podcast in - and Amanda sat in so you get to see her works in progress as well.

It’s so nice to relax and create things with people you really like! We make good food and catch up. We’re looking forward to the next weekend.

Mary Beth

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