Sisters Craft Weekend

Last Friday, Helen, Amanda (sister #3) and I  headed to the Stamp and Scrapbook Expo in Edison, NJ for a class on Customizing Your Clipbook by Filofax which was being taught by Bella from @themodestcat. We got to the convention center early enough that we could spend a little time walking the sales floor and ogling all the pretty papers.

The class was an hour long and Bella showed us lots of ideas of how to use the Clipbook - as a journal, as a calendar, as an idea book, a scrapbook, a recipe log, etc. Or, like me, you may throw ALL THE IDEAS into one book. The Clipbook has pull-apart binder rings and I love the idea of taking everything from one year out and binding it with pretty paper and storing on a shelf so you can go back to it whenever you like. The rest of the class was spend decorating the covers of our books.

There was a giveaway during the class for another Clipbook, a bullet journal, and inserts for both. And I won!! Yay me😁

Since we were so hyped from my win 🎉, we hit the floor with a vengeance. They were selling Tim Holts distress stain for $1 a bottle. $1!!  And we couldn’t leave The Modest Cat booth (where we picked up my prize) without a sticker or two. We tried to keep to a budget but that went out the window when we hit Pinecone Press and their Elegant Album kits from Graphic 45 paper. 

We each got a kit to make an album so Saturday was craft day. We cleared the table, spread out the necessary tools, and got to work. Amanda made a Disney inspired album, Helen made one from the Your Dreams collection (think old fashioned fairy tale princesses), and I did the Imagine and Believe kit (elegant steam punk). 

It was the perfect way to spend an afternoon. Hopefully, schedules permitting, we will be able to do it again soon. We have plans ....

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  • Gorgeous! Need to push aside my knitting for a bit and hit the scrapbook supplies! Love the Imagine Book!

    • Mindy Horowitz