Sleep and the Crafter

Yesterday, we had such plans. We were going to get tons of cross stitching done before today’s podcast so we would have progress to show. I sat down, got comfortable, and immediately fell asleep. When I woke up, I picked up the fabric, got one stitch in, and fell asleep again.

This happens periodically. No matter how grand my plans are, there are times when my body lets me know, in no uncertain times, that I need to just rest. It usually cones at the end of a long and stressful stretch of work or life and I need to not get frustrated at the loss of crafting time. I will get so much more work done in a much shorter frame of time if I let my body get caught up on its rest. 

Does this ever happen to you, where your body hijacks your creative mind and just shuts it down? You are not alone!

December 29, 2020 — Helen H Graham



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