State of the Knitting 12/18/20

It’s time for this week’s State of the Knitting.  No sweaters this week but we do have an elusive FO! Aren’t hats the best?!?

A couple weeks ago Helen put out the call for hat patterns and you guys came through in spades!! At some point the list will become a blog post with links to patterns.  But the first pattern we chose was the Shirestones Hat by Mina Phillip.  We each took one of the December Fairy Tale yarns (Helen - Kyri and the Trolls and Mary Beth - The Night Sky) and cast on the Shirestones.  We were intrigued by the double brim and the warmth it will bring.

Mary Beth has made it to Day 2 of this year’s advent minis in her Secret Garden blanket. She has taken the cowl pattern and is knitting it flat with 250 stitches.  It’s going to be such a pretty blanket.

When we dyed up Moody Moon and Spooky Hallway this Fall, Helen wanted to pick a pattern that would really showcase the beautiful variegated colors of Moody Moon and the Nixe Shawl by Melanie Berg is perfect and BONUS! It looks like mermaid scales!

So there you have it, the State of the Knitting for this week.  Go forth and create, All!


December 18, 2020 — Helen H Graham


Kimberly Kindle

Kimberly Kindle said:

Hi! What colors are in the shawl? Love them so much!!!! Thank you!!!

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