Happy Accidents

Happy Accidents

There are times when something starts out as a problem and winds up as a beautiful solution. We call them Happy Accidents here at Toad Hollow.

Yesterday, a customer bought one of our pillows, in turquoise burlap with a cream anchor painted on it.

Unfortunately, we had run out of that color and our local fabric store does not stock it during the fall/winter. We could have ordered the burlap online but that would add at least a week's worth of time to the order and the customers needed it quickly.

Rather than cancel the order, Helen reached out to the customer with a couple of options - we could use a different color blue for the background color, or we could use regular burlap and paint the anchor turquoise.

This is what the customer chose:


We love the way it turned out so much more than the original! In fact, we are going to expand this line of pillows to include lots more colors and designs.

Which do you prefer?

November 05, 2015 — Helen Graham