The Crafty Toads Episode 123

Thanks so much for watching.   Here are all our notes and links from the episode.

Heaven and Earth Designs (HAED’s)

New Hobo Bags

March’s Fairy Tale Yarns - Bremen and The Musicians from The Bremen Town Musicians

We have a set of 6 mini skeins from the first three month’s of Fairy Tales

New Shop Samples

The Aeque Cowl by Hilary Smith Callis

Autumn Harvest Cowl by Jennifer Schmidt


Our Knitting Projects

Helen’s Waverly Weekend Cowl by Donna Brooks

Mary Beth’s Kaarre Hat by Nupu Nupu

Mary Beth’s Once Upon a Time Cowl by Jennifer Schmidt - no pattern available yet


Mary Beth is still working on her Brunswick Tee - in Lucy and Green is Acorn.

Helen is knitting the Knitting at the Library Cowl using the Dread Pirate Henry Mini Skeins

Cross Stitch Projects


Mary Beth’s Bloomtopia


Mary Beth’s Wizard of Oz

 Mary Beth finished Scenes of Spring

Helen started Alice Au Pays des Merveilles

Helen’s Wizard of Oz

What We Are Reading and Watching

The Bromance Bookclub

Second Worst Restaurant in France


Where the Forest Meets the Stars

The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch

Watching The Magicians on Netflix

February 27, 2020 — Helen H Graham


Gretchen Eiselt

Gretchen Eiselt said:

I am new to your website, blog and podcasts. I found out about you ladies during the Knit & Escape and loved your vendor portion of the virtual show. I love how creative you are and that you have based a lot of your yarns on literature. I love last March’s yarns, The Musician and Bremen and was wondering if you will ever make more of those colors? I am interested in purchasing them. Thanks so much for your consideration. Such a cool concept. thanks,

DEbra tOrrioni

DEbra tOrrioni said:

Favorite flower is Lily’s

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