The Crafty Toads - Episode #68 - Now you know what anting is

Show Notes:

Helen is working on 1) Jemima Socks by Kay from the Bakery Bears in Haunted Hayride on Cotton Eyed Toad (from Toad Hollow) and 2) the Tower Hill Cardigan from Toby Roxanne on Toad DK yarn - Haunted Hayride, Midnight Feast, & Fall Bonfire

Mary Beth is working on 1) new socks in Holly Jolly by The Cozy Knitter, 2) the Jaycee Sweater by Isabel Kraemer in Northern Lights & Forsythiaranda (both club color ways from Toad Hollow), and 3) the Carbeth Sweater by Kate Davies in Nectar of the Gods, the Messenger, & OOAK Red on Toad DK.

Mary Beth finished her Blueberry Waffle socks on Cotton Eyed Toad in the Les Reveurs color way and Helen showed off her Starfall Sweater by Jennifer Steingass in Knit Picks Swish.

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