The Crafty Toads Podcast - Episode #67 - Run Red Lights and Don’t Go Outside

Episode 67 of The Crafty Toads Podcast is live for your viewing pleasure. It’s a long one, so grab a cup of tea/coffee/gin and your knitting/crochet etc and sit with us for a spell.


Show Notes

Helen is working on -

The Tower Hill Shawl by Toby Roxanne using our Toad DK weight yarn - so far showing the colors Haunted Hayride and Midnight Feast 

 the Jemima Socks by Kay from the Bakery Bears in our Haunted Hayride colorway on Cotton Eyed Toad


Mary Beth is working on -

her BWYOF (Blueberry Waffle Yarn Over Frankenstein) socks by Sandy Turner in the Les Reveurs color in Cotton Eyed Toad

All Points South Shawl/Poncho by Casapinka in Cotton Eyed Toad in the colors Falling Leaves, Les Reveurs, and Corn Silk

the Jaycee Sweater by Isabel Kraemer using our Sock Toad base in the colors Northern Lights and Forsythiaranda (both club colorways)

the Carbeth Sweater by Kate Davies using Toad DK in 8 colors (because she’s fading it!) - so far, showing Nectar of the Gods and The Messenger


The book that is inspiring us right now is The Lost Words by Robert McFarlane and Jackie Morris 

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