Weekend Shenanigans

Weekend Shenanigans

And just like that, it’s October and the Metropolitan Opera schedule has begun. Our mother has tickets to many of the operas and she doesn’t like driving in NY by herself anymore so one (or two) of us travels in with her. Much like last year, sister #3 is taking the majority of the weekends since she truly loves the opera and goes with my mother to the performances. This frees us up to do our crazy show schedule🥴. We look forward to the weekends we do get to go in because it allows us to enjoy NYC for the brief amount of time I can stand that many people pushing by me. 
This past Saturday was the first opera of the season and Helen & I decided to take advantage of the fall weather and sit outside at a farmer’s market and stitch. The first order of business was lunch which we got at a Greek gyro truck. We got two sandwiches which turned out to be way too much food (hello tomorrow’s lunch 😁) and at one point, the guy behind the counter was muttering to himself. When he looked up, he explained that he counts first in Greek to make sure it’s right!
The food was delicious and we truly enjoyed the other diners at the market. Unfortunately, this one was not eating with us.
There was a fair representation of the pigeon population, however, mainly because we found them very funny and fed them our rolls.
We did get some stitching and people watching done and, when it got too cold, explored some of the stores around Lincoln Center. Our big purchase was from Bed Bath & Beyond where we found measuring spoons that went below 1/4 teaspoon. For dyeing yarn, trying to measure 1/16 of a teaspoon is difficult when you only have the standard size spoons. Getting ones that have smidge and dash and pinch will regulate the amount and keep the colors even.
Sunday, we were supposed to work but decided to go to a pumpkin patch instead. Because, it’s not like we have a lot of shows coming up or anything 😖 First stop, Russo’s where we found some interesting shaped pumpkins and lots of gourds.
Next, we tried to go to Conte Farms where I used to take the kids on school field trips but by the time we finally found them, we realized they had closed down several years ago. Such a shame.
We stopped at another roadside stand where they had tons of pumpkins and fresh fruits and veggies.
We finished the day at The Mart (Walmart) for seed for the outside denizens and found some nice looking pumpkins and mums.
I’m really quite pleased with our finished project. We’re getting more pumpkins from the local supermarket and more mums to fill in on the ground around the bottom but it looks so pretty as we pull into the driveway now.
Dudley would like to point out that the inside is shaping up as well. But since he’s a jerk, he refused to look directly at the camera.
What kind of fall decorations do you put up?
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I enjoyed your tale of shenanigans and photos. I am just checking in to inquire about SAFF. I live in South Carolina and am/was (?) planning on attending so that I could finally meet you both of you. Are you still planning on being there despite the Legionaires situation?

Kind regards,

Anna Brimm

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