Yarn Pairings from Episode 224

Recently on the podcast, we've been taking your questions about pairing yarns for different patterns.  Today, on Episode 224 we discussed the following:

Mary Ann would like some suggestions for the Ora Shawl by Joanna Ignatius. She wants to knit it for her MIL who likes soft pinks, nothing too bright or burgundies.

Of course, we had a lot of suggestions:

Where the Crawdads Sing and Some Pig 

Then Karyn asked us to show some combinations for Casapinka's upcoming MKAL, The Sharon Show. Again, we didn't shy away from choices.

Thanks so much for the suggestions, we have so much fun putting the colors together.  If you have a pattern you would like to submit, just email us at toadhollownj@gmail.com.

July 22, 2020 — Helen H Graham



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