Colorful Funky Birds Knitting Project Bag, Toad Hollow Bags, XLdrawstring bag

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Colorful funky birds against a robin's egg blue background.

Our Toadstool bag is one of our most popular because of its ease and versatility. Made of fun, light canvas fabric and fully lined, it is perfect for your HUGE knitting/crochet projects. This is the bag you go to for your sweater or blanket projects!! There is no interfacing in our Toadstools so they can squish and go into a larger knitting bag or purse. Two lengths of cotton clothesline act as drawstrings to pull the bag tightly closed. We add a generous boxed bottom to the bag so it will sit flat on the table. The sides can be rolled down to create a yarn bowl while you are working on your project.

This bag comes in our HUGE Toadstool size.

Huge Toadstool measures: 17" across the top
14" tall
8" bottom