CALENDAR GIRLS SCRAPPY KNITTING BAGS, Anne Keenan Higgins Knitting Project Bag

$ 114.00

This is a scrappy quilted tote bag made from Anne Keenan Higgins Calendar Girls fabrics. The size makes it perfect for craft projects or a fun carryall bag for personal items. There are two options for this bag - the Hexi-Scrap bag or the Months of the Year bag. The Hexi bag has a large hexi shape on the front and back of the bag and are in different colors. It is a random pick as to which color your get.

Our Quilt As You Go bags are made up of pieces of fabric leftover from other bag projects.

Bags are quilted with Soft and Stable, a squishy foam interfacing that gives the bag shape and protects whatever is inside.

Finished bag measures 15” wide and 12” tall with a 6” boxed bottom. There are two canvas handles linked with additional ribbon.

All our bags are made of 100% cotton and can go through the wash & dryer. If they wrinkle too much, press them with a hot iron and they'll be good as new.