Christmas 2019 Mini Skein Collection, Sock Toad, Hand Dyed Yarn

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Each mini is 20 grams of 80% Superwash Merino, 20% Nylon high twist yarn; 92 yards each.

Mini sets are great to use in cozy memory blankets, heels, toes and cuffs on your socks, a stripe of color in a shawl or sweater. There are also lots of patterns on Ravelry designed just for mini skeins. Just a few of our favorites are:

Colors include:
The Storyteller
The Forest Santa
Howard The Reindeer
The Snowman
Max Saves Sam
Christmas at The Hollow

Every year, just before winter begins, The Story Teller comes to The Hollow to spin tales of Christmas. The animals all gather, for everyone loves to listen to his stories. The younger ones usually fall asleep before he is done, but no one minds. And their dreams are filled with all the characters he describes.

This year, he tells the story of the Forest Santa. You see, there are many Santa’s - one for children and a special one, just for the creatures in the forests. He wears a coat of brilliant green and lives among the arctic animals. He doesn’t need a team of eight reindeer - just Howard.

Howard takes his job very seriously, since he is the only one, and makes sure he dresses extra nicely on Christmas Eve. He has tassels and a garland of golden rings for his antlers and a beautiful collar with bells.

Sam, one of the littlest members of The Hollow, got so excited after the story that he decided to try to find the Forest Santa’s home and tell him personally what he wanted for Christmas. Off he wandered but, as you know, all the Santa’s home bases are kept secret by Christmas magic, and Sam got lost.

Everyone in The Hollow got very worried when Sam didn’t show up for breakfast because he is very fond of his carrots, and spread out to look for him. They talked to the local snowmen, asking if anyone had seen one very small rabbit looking for Santa.

Maurice put on his wooly cap and waterproof boots, and flew as far north as possible. From up above, he quickly found poor Sam, curled up against a tree, trying to keep warm. He brought Sam’s best friend Max to the spot and Max picked up Sam, who by now was very tired, cold, and thoroughly done with searching, and carried him home.

Word traveled to the Forest Santa about Sam’s adventure so, a few weeks later when Christmas Eve came, he made sure he filled all the stockings in The Hollow, and he left extra carrots for one intrepid explorer.

Our yarns are hand dyed or hand painted using professional acid dyes. We wash each skein carefully after dying but slight bleeding may occur during first wash. Skeins may vary in color slightly so if using more than one skein of yarn in a project, please alternate skeins every few rows.

This soft, squishy yarn is perfect for socks, shawls, sweaters or any project where you would use a Fingering weight.

Care of yarn - superwash merino will allow you to wash your items in the washing machine but please use cold water. For best results and care, hand washing is recommended.