Concierge Service with the Toads

$ 10.00

Sign up for one of the appointments below for one-on-one time with the Toads. We’ll arrange a half hour Zoom meeting where we can talk face to face with no interruptions (except minor interjections from Spike, Dru or Tabitha). We can spend the time chatting about whatever you like - yarn pairings, pattern selections, help with a project. Or we can just chat.

At the end of the session, if we’ve put together an order for you, we’ll take the $10 off the cost of your order.

When we send you the Zoom link, please send us whatever information you can about the topic so we can be prepared. Is there a particular pattern you are working on (or want to start)? Let us know so we can read through it and be ready. Are we going to be putting together colors for a project? What’s your favorite color? Are you doing all one color? Or a fade?

Are you hesitant to start a project or having a problem with a pattern? We are more than qualified to be your cheerleader and enable your choices. And if there is a problem with a pattern, we will do our best to help you fix it.

The meeting times will change from week to week as our schedule changes. When you sign up for a session, we will contact you to arrange a time that works for both parties.