HANGING THE STARS,Hand Dyed Mohair Yarn, lace weight - Hairy Toad - Toad Hollow Yarns

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HANGING THE STARS is a reference to the Mary Poppins books. When Michael and Jane buy their gingerbread slabs from Mrs Cory, there are gold foil stars on the cakes. Later that night, they see Mary Poppins stealing their stars and taking them out to meet Mrs Cory and her two daughters. They climb huge ladders and us paste to add the foil stars to the sky.

New to the Toad Hollow lineup is our Hairy Toad yarn. Each 50 gram skein is 459 yards of 72% Kid Mohair/28% Silk. The single ply yarn is lace weight and comes in at $28 per skein.

Mohair is a wonderful addition to any of your projects. It can be held double with any fingering weight yarn to add a fuzzy halo to your work. Or use it instead of lace weight yarn to make a light, ethereal garment.

Our yarns are hand dyed or hand painted using professional acid dyes. We wash each skein carefully after dying but slight bleeding may occur during first wash. Skeins may vary in color slightly so if using more than one skein of yarn in a project, please alternate skeins every few rows.

Care of yarn - Hand washing is recommended.

Sweater quantities of yarn can be ordered - please message us for information.

Variegated Hand Dyed Yarn-HANGING THE STARS-Hairy Toad-50 gram skein of mohair yarn-72 Kid Mohair, 28 Silk-459 yards-Toad Hollow Yarn-Indie Dyed Yarns