HOLIDAY TREES Holiday Knitting Project Bag,Toad Hollow Bag,Louisa bag

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Decorated holiday trees against a tan background with touches of gold bling!

This knitting bag measures approximately 15" across the top, 8" across the bottom, 11.25" tall with a squared off bottom that is 7" deep (so it will stand up straight.) This bag is fully lined with light/medium weight interfacing, which gives the bag to extra durability. There is a denim bottom and two handles, which are attached on either side.

We named our bags after our favorite female authors. The Louisa, after Louisa May Alcott, is our large bag size. It is perfect for large projects and can hold several skeins of yarn with plenty of room left over for your current WIP (work in progress). Consider this bag for your sweaters and beginnings of blankets & afghans.