HYACINTHS AND PANSIES from Mrs. Wight's Tea Party collection, Toads Tales, Toad Hollow Yarns

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This is from our 3rd Toads’ Tales - Mrs. Wight's Tea Party collection. Toads’ Tales are stories from The Hollow, a whimsical woodland home to the creatures that live in our imaginations. Every now and then they poke their heads out and tell us a story or two, which we then share with you.

I thought a basket full of HYACINTHS AND PANSIES would be the perfect compliment to a pink tea party. Several shades of purple fade into a deep, leafy green.


Old Mrs Wight lives at the edge of the hollow, right where the big dark trees meet the clearing. She has been there as long as anyone can remember. April’s grandmother said that Mrs Wight was living in her tree even when she was a young girl, and April’s grandmother is old!

Will, April’s older brother said “I heard that Mrs Wight is friends with the fairies and their magic rubs off on her so that’s why she can live so long. But that can’t be true, because everyone know that fairies aren’t real.”

April isn’t sure whether she believes in fairies or not. When she asked her mother what she thought, her mother said “I don’t know if it comes from fairies or the trees themselves, but there is magic in the forest.”

Every year, on the day of the Acorn Bowl, Mrs Wight holds a tea party for anyone who doesn’t want to watch the big game. She asks her bird friends to deliver the invitations to everyone in the hollow.

This year, April and her best friend Danny were so excited when they got their invitations because they are finally old enough to go to the party. Danny worried that people would laugh at him and think he was too girly for going to the party instead of watching the game. “Don’t be silly” said April. “It just means you don’t like watching acorn ball. My sister loves it and she didn’t go to the tea party and no one thought she wasn’t girly enough because she chose acorn ball more than tea. It’s just a matter of what you like.”

As Danny and April got ready for the party, Will shouted “Don’t forget to thank the fairies” and started laughing. “I hope there are fairies there,” grumbled April. “That would show him!”

As they got to Mrs. Wight’s garden, their friend Frankie was sitting on the gate shouting Welcome to everyone who walked up. “I’m so glad you guys came” he said. “Wait until you see who’s here.” As they walked through the gate, they saw almost all their classmates running around the garden, laughing and playing games. “See” said April as she elbowed Danny excitedly.

There was a table full of heart shaped cookies iced and covered with pink and red sprinkles. There were flowers everywhere - in the corner of the garden was a bicycle with its basket overflowing with hyacinths and pansies. All the tables were set with beautiful tea cups and china plates. 

“Not everyone wants to watch the Acorn Bowl” said April pointing to a group of older gentlemen huddled together. At that moment, a groan went up from the group. “Never mind” she laughed. “They want to do both!”

Everyone had a wonderful time at the party. The cookies were delicious and the tea tasted wonderful. The children played while the adults visited with one another (and watched acorn ball) and, as dusk began to fall, suddenly the party was over. A very tired but happy group filed out waving and shouting their goodbyes. April turned around for one last look at the garden and saw Mrs Wight waving goodbye surrounded by a shower of twinkling lights. “Fairies” she thought happily.


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