PARISIAN CATS Knitting Project Bag, Toad Hollow Bags

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Cute little cats in Parisian garb.

This bag is available in two sizes - 

Standard Zippered Project Bag -
12.5" wide
10" tall
6" wedge bottom

Toadstool Drawstring Bag -
12.5" wide
10.5" tall
6.5" wedge bottom

The zippered bag is completely lined with medium weight interfacing, which allows it to stand on its own and can be doubled as a "yarn bowl". The inside is lined with a complimentary quilting cotton. The durable zipper (color may differ from picture) and easy to carry handle (that you can also loop over your wrist and knit/crochet while walking), make this bag complete!

The Toadstool does not have any interfacing which makes it perfect for squishing and putting inside a purse/larger bag. It is lined with quilting cotton.

All our bags are made of 100% cotton and can go through the wash & dryer. If they wrinkle too much, press them with a hot iron and they'll be good as new.