RUN AWAY TO SEA, Hand Dyed Yarn, Sock Toad,Toad Hollow Yarns

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Every so often when we are dyeing yarn, the dyes take on a mind of their own and do what we call “break” and we have no idea why. This color is the result of one of those breaks. These are supposed to be Vagabond in our Boho line but instead of blue, we have a gorgeous green/teal. The problem with having no idea why or how this happened we have no idea how to repeat so these are one of a kind skeins.

Sock Toad Base: $28/skein
100 grams
80/20 superwash merino/nylon
400 yards
2 ply

Our yarns are hand dyed or hand painted using professional acid dyes. We wash each skein carefully after dying but slight bleeding