The Gnomes Are Coming - A Toad’s Tale Mini Skein Set

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The Gnomes Are Coming is the latest Toad’s Tale to come out of The Hollow.  And, as with all the other tales, we have a complementing mini skein set.

Each set comes with five 20 gram sock weight minis, each 82 yards.

The five colors from The Gnomes Are Coming are:

The Building Crew




The Tunnel

THE GNOMES ARE COMING, A Toad’s Tale by Mary Beth Graham

In November, strong storms rolled through The Hollow, leaving destruction in their wake. Younger trees who had yet to take firm hold were blown over. Several homes had damages - windows broken by falling branches and rooves lifting off at the corners. None of the creatures that lived there were harmed but the Old Yew Tree, the oldest in The Hollow, had roots that were hundreds of years old and brittle. During one very bad storm, he toppled over, leaving a gaping hole at his base.

 The Building Crew, led by Grandpa Beaver, assessed the damage and decided that they were going to need help getting everything back to normal. Marvin Mole got in touch with a friend who had a friend who knew some great handymen.

The next day, Sam was climbing a tree and saw a line of caravans wending their way through the forest to The Hollow. The people driving them were all singing and the lead one was being pulled by a lynx. Sam raced down the tree and ran as fast as he could back home yelling "The Gnomes are coming! The Gnomes are coming!"

Everyone in The Hollow got very excited and it was like a Carnival had come to town. The Gnome crew didn't travel alone. They brought their families, including their children, so there were new people with whom to play and exchange stories.

Once the Gnomes got settled, Digger and his crew got to work. His friendly lynx was very helpful moving the heavier branches and digging out debris with his big paws.

Stanley, a quiet chap, used his cats to take ropes up trees and drop them over strong branches so they could use them as pulleys to lift heavy wood. Charlie and Grandpa Beaver organized the rebuilding while Greg and his mice cleaned up the broken glass. Before you knew it, most of the homes were like new again. Henry, Max and Sam tried to help where they could, but mostly, they just got underfoot.

Meanwhile, Chef Simon worked with all the cooks and had a huge feast waiting for the workers when they were finished. There were songs and stories and everyone got to stay up much later than usual.

The next morning, when everyone gathered in the town square, the only thing left to fix was the Old Yew Tree. "I'm afraid he's lived his life and we're going to have to finish bringing him down" said Frank who was an expert on trees. "We can take care of that" said the beavers "but what do we do about the hole?"

Sam, who was already trying to scale down the hole, said "there's a tunnel down here."

"Long ago" said Gnarlbone, the oldest of the Gnomes (and quite easily, the oldest person the little ones of The Hollow had ever met), "there was rumor of a tunnel that led from here to the most magical place on earth."

"Disneyland" asked Henry and everyone laughed.

 "No" said Gnarlbone. "This was long before Disneyland got started."

"Where did it go?" asked Sam.

"I don't know" answered Gnarlbone. "No one remembers where it went, just that it was there."

"Then we need to follow it" said Sam immediately.

"We're not sure it's the same tunnel" his mother pointed out.

"We won't know unless we follow it" said Sam and no one could argue with that logic so a few adventurous gnomes and creatures got ready to follow the tunnel. There was a bit of an argument when Sam's mother tried to tell him he was too young to go on the expedition. He told her he would just slip out and follow them anyway and wasn't it safer just to let him go with the group, especially since it was his idea to begin with? Knowing Sam, she agreed to let him go if he promised to stay with Digger and his lynx.

So, the explorers headed off down the tunnel, lanterns held high. The last thing everyone in the square heard was Sam asking Digger and his lynx a million questions about building things and digging things and just generally being a Gnome.

After walking for quite a while, the darkness got a little lighter. One by one the band put out their lanterns and realized they could see a light at the end. The tunnel opened into a bright, well lit area that was very cold.

"Well, well!" boomed a voice. "Who have we here?" 

To be continued in the next installment of our Toad’s Tales 🙂