THE PRINCESS BRIDE Book club & yarn kit

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After several requests we have reopened the listing for this kit.

As we begin 2019, we are excited to re-read, listen and watch The Princess Bride. We hope you join us as we knit the Knitting at the Library Cowl Part Deux (Lace Edition) by Cori Eichelberger. Kits will ship at the end of February. Mary Beth worked the cowl in the following way - she started with one of the 10gram Cliffs of Insanity for the ribbing and used the entire 10g, at that point she completed each of the sections using the entire 20grams of each color, the pattern gives you the option to stop after a certain point or continue on to use the entire skein, and finally ended with the second 10 grams of Cliffs of Insanity for the top ribbing. The final result is a lovely, huge cowl that is squishy around your neck and when it's really cold you can pull it up around your head and still have it around your neck.

The yarn colors are as follows -

10 gr minis - The Cliffs of Insanity
Pink - Mawage
Yellow - Have Fun Storming the Castle
Light Grey - Rodents of Unusual Size
Brown - I’m Not Left Handed
Blue/Green/Brown - True Love

Bag measurements are 12.5" wide, 10.5" tall & 6" deep. The handles and bottom are black denim and the cream colored top is monk cloth.

Our yarns are hand dyed or hand painted using professional acid dyes. We wash each skein carefully after dying but slight bleeding may occur during first wash. Skeins may vary in color slightly so if using more than one skein of yarn in a project, please alternate skeins every few rows.

Care of yarn - superwash merino will allow you to wash your items in the washing machine but please use cold water. For best results and care, hand washing is recommended.