The Thirteen Days of Halloween - THE FAMILIARS

$ 135.00

Who is your familiar?  A familiar is any animal you energy calls out to.  If that is truly the case then we have multiple familiars starting with the obvious cat and dog.  

Join us on a thirteen day journey to find your familiar…in yarn.  The first day will be a full 100 gram skein of fingering weight yarn and each of the remaining 12 days will be a 20 gram mini skein.  This year we even have a pattern to go with the thirteen skein collection.

Fine Print - this collection is one 100 gram (400 yards) skein of sock toad and tweave 20 gram mini skeins of sock toad (80 yards each), the corresponding pattern is also included. These will ship no later than mid September so you will have them in plenty of time for the season.