VINTAGE HALLOWEEN SILHOUETTES Knitting Project Bag, Crochet bag,Toad Hollow Bags,zippered project Bags

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A Reminder of Halloweens of the past

Toadstool Drawstring Bag
12.5” Wide
10.5” Tall
6” wedge bottom

Standard Zippered Wedge Bag
14” wide
8” tall
5” wedge bottom

This bag is perfect for your shawls and socks - 1-3 skein projects.

Large Zippered Wedge Bag
17” wide
10” tall
6” wedge bottom

This is the perfect bag for sweaters!

Wedge bags are completely lined with medium weight interfacing, which allows them to stand on their own and can be doubled as a "yarn bowl". The inside is lined with a complimentary quilting cotton. The durable zipper (color may differ from picture) and there are two canvas handles that lay flat against the bag when you are not using them.

All our bags are made of 100% cotton and can go through the wash & dryer. If they wrinkle too much, press them with a hot iron and they'll be good as new.