Voodoo Doll, Cloth doll, Humorous Primitive Doll, Hand Stitched Doll

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Voodoo Doll, Cloth doll, Humorous Primitive Doll, Hand Stitched Doll, White Magic, Handmade Fabric Hex Doll, 9 1/2" Rag Doll, Worry Doll


Unlike their reputation, voodoo dolls are usually used for benevolent purposes. In fact, much of voodoo centers around healing & herbalism. Practitioners can focus on healing a broken heart or changing a person's luck for the better. Of course, every now and then, some people  need a good poke!


Each cloth doll is handmade from fun fabric with hand sewn accents like a misshapen heart, scraggly hair,  and a crooked mouth.  No two dolls are exactly the same. We will randomly choose one to send to you. Each primitive softie comes with a decorative pin to focus the positive (or negative) vibes.


Some inspiration:

prick the head for knowledge, the heart for emotions, the stomach for gut feelings.


Colored pins affect the outcome of your voodoo practice:

Use yellow for money/success

Use white for positive energies

Use red for power

Use purple for spirituality

Use green for peacefulness

Use pink for death

Use blue for love

Use black for repelling or attracting negative energy


Please note that these voodoo dolls are meant as a humorous gift and carry no magical powers.


Dolls stand approximately 9 1/2" tall and measure about 6 1/2" from hand to hand.