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What's On The Needles - Week of 3/8/16

What's On The Needles - Week of 3/8/16

Idle hands are the devil's playground, right?  Well, if that's the case we have nothing to worry about here.  We each have so many projects going that we have to make sure each one gets equal time so nothing gets left in the UFO pile.  So...what's on the needles this week, you ask?


Temperature Blanket - I've been very good about keeping up to date on this one.  However, right now I'm a day or two behind because (YEA!) I need to get yellow yarn for this warm...

Movie Lists

Do you have a movie that will stop you dead in your tracks? One that, when you see it on TV, you forget what you are doing and watch til the end?

In honor of the Oscars, coming up on Sunday, we've put together a list of our favorite films that we can watch over and over again. But just listing the titles would be too easy so we thought we'd give you quotes and see if you can guess what they are. Leave your answers in the comments :) And be sure to leave us your...

Quilting 102

We had our second quilting class this past Sunday. Once again, master quilter Nancy Carew led us through the steps.

This time, she showed us how to overlay fabric on a square to make curved lines without having to actually cut curved lines. It was fascinating! 

First, we chose squares to make either a 4 block or a 9 block. It is not easy getting just the right combination of colors together! Then, we took contrasting color squares, folded them in half into triangles, and laid them out on top of some of...

Tips for Small Business Owners: Be Prepared for Anything

Since it's Monday (the store is closed on Mondays) and snowing, we decided to work from home today. We had brought our laptops with us to get a few things done last night, but we didn't have the power cords. So we made a quick, in & out trip to the store to grab them, not even bothering to change out of our "at home only" clothes. Translation - please god, don't let me see anyone I know!

When I ran in, I noticed that one of the plastic lenses of the light had come down. Upon further investigation, I saw...

Thinking Ahead

Thinking Ahead

Those of us who work in retail follow a different calendar than the rest of the world. In the fall when homeowners are beginning to decorate for Halloween, we are getting advertisements for Valentine's Day. Next week, we will attend NY NOW, a wholesale gift show, where we should be planning out Christmas. We, most likely, will be oohing and aahing over Easter.

As a maker selling our own items online, we need to have our Easter items up in the next week or so. Since we sell...