FOREST FLOOR KIT BAGS from the Atlantis Collection, Toad Hollow Bags, Knitting Project Bag

$ 69.00 $ 82.00

Designed by Aneela Hoey, the Kit Bag with its side panels is deceptively roomy. You can easily fit a sweater or larger projects in here.  With a separating zipper you can unzip and open the bag as wide as you like.

There are two fabric options to choose from:

Owls & Animal Faces

`**Please note - animals and placement may differ from image shown

The large Kit Bag measures approximately -
14” wide
11” tall
6” wedge bottom

The small Kit Bag measure approximately

12” wide
9” tall
6” wedge bottom

These bags are perfect for any projects or as carry all bags.

Wedge bags are completely lined with medium weight interfacing, which allows them to stand on their own. The inside is lined with a complimentary quilting cotton. There is an open-end zipper that allows you to open the top of the bag completely. 

All our bags are made of 100% cotton and can go through the wash & dryer. If they wrinkle too much, press them with a hot iron and they'll be good as new.